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About Us

Our Mission is help you sell your home for top dollar and fast! Its My Style Home Staging has the advantage of also having a furniture store with over 100,000 sq. ft. of showroom and 30,000 sq ft warehouse to pull all the unique and on trend furnishings to help your home sell quickly! Its My Style Home Furnishings has been in business with its parent company Furniture & More for over 20 years.

It's My Style Home Staging has our own delivery and set up crew as well as a top Design Consultants with over 24 years of furniture design under their belt.

It's My Style Home Staging

Why Stage Your Home

Top Ten Reasons to Stage Your Home

1. A professional home stager can increase the perceived value of your home and can help you sell your
property faster. 

2. Professional home stagers can help you justify the listing price of your property. 

3. A professional home stager is an impartial, third-party person who can provide recommendations on all areas of a property that require attention, including areas that need repair, items that need updating or organizing, and items that should be replaced. 

4. A professional home stager is not emotionally attached to your home. They can see your home as the buyers
will see it. 

5. A professional home stager has the training and experience to best showcase the property. They are fluent on the latest design trends, and they have a better grasp of the real-estate competition around your location. 

6. Professional home stagers have an unlimited inventory of furniture to best showcase your property. 

7. Professional home stagers can highlight the best features of the house or show a better use of an odd space through small groupings of furniture, art or accessories also known as “vignettes”. 

8. They can help to eliminate the possibility of a price reduction (if your house doesn’t get any offers) or a double mortgage payment (if the property does not get sold right away). 

9. Professional home stagers have industry partners like painters, carpet cleaners, and other tradesmen you might need in preparing your home for sale. You can benefit from the discounts that stagers get from them. 

10. Lastly, with a home stager on your side, you can free yourself from the stress and worries from all of this, making this transition easy, and stress free. 

Living Room Staging
Bedroom Staging
Vignette Staging

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: *Should I stage my home before I try to sell it, or wait and see what responses I get from potential buyers first?* 

A: Today, 90 % of buyers search the internet for homes before contacting an agent, so the photos posted of your home are vitally important: if buyers aren’t impressed by them, they will move on. Don’t take a chance on turning off potential buyers who will quickly form a negative impression of your home if it doesn’t present well right at the beginning. The first two weeks on the market are the most crucial time for marketing your home, since that’s when agents and buyers will view your home with the most interest. The “buzz” about your home will make or break its reputation early on, so it’s important to stage BEFORE you list your home and before its appeal wanes. Agents love to bring buyers to homes that show beautifully, and staging may very well help you avoid the price reduction trap.

Q: *So is it too late to stage if my home has been sitting on the market for months?* 

A: No, it’s never too late. In fact, many owners finally decide to try staging after their homes have sat on the market for many months with little interest. Of course, earlier is better, both in terms of saving months of inconvenience and expenses, and usually in preventing price reductions as well. 

I have successfully staged homes in Northern New Jersey that have been on the market for almost a year, and then sold within several weeks of staging. After the staging, it’s a good idea to have your agent re-take photos for the local multiple listing service, flyers, and other marketing materials. Your agent can also hold an open house to show off your staged property. A staged home naturally generates fresh interest and can be presented as “updated”, “beautifully decorated” or even “renovated” if appliances, fixtures, or cabinets have been replaced or repainted. 

Q: *Can’t most people see past the stuff in my house or the way I’ve chosen to decorate it and visualize
it as their own?* 

A: Unfortunately, no; studies show that only 10% of buyers have the vision to see things as they could be, instead of how they are. The majority of buyers will start subtracting dollars off the price they’re willing to pay for your home when they see even cosmetic issues that they don’t like. If they see even minor maintenance/repair problems or an out-dated appearance, their offer price may drop further. Buyers today have higher expectations than they did years ago. We are all used to seeing beautiful homes on TV, or model homes in person. Thanks to HGTV in particular, more of us are aware of the latest decorating and design trends as well and are emotionally swayed - positively or negatively -- by appearances. 

Q: *Do I really need to stage my home?*

A: Staging is not a guarantee of sale for your home; however, it increases the probability that it will sell quicker than a non-staged property. Staging gives the best representation of your home to attract the most  amount of buyers. It also draws on buyers' emotions which is an effective factor in marketing real estate. 

Q: *Isn't staging and decorating the same thing?*

A: Staging uses methods specifically designed with the buyer in mind, while decorating uses the current home owner's individual tastes and styles. The goal is to have a stylish house with a desireable atmosphere without being too specific on theme. 

Q: *Will a vacant property show larger if it's unfurnished?*

A: Although an empty room my show larger, vacant properties that remain unfurnished lack the "home-like" atmosphere that buyers desire. 

Providing furniture and decor to high priority areas in vacant listings accomplish the following: 1) establishes focal points and traffic patterns in the rooms, 2) provides a sense of scale in photographs, and 3) adds  atmosphere that attracts buyers to the lifestyle of the property. 

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